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Molecular testing platform for point-of-care diagnostics

  • Affordable testing platform (includes kit, detection devices & process accessories) for SARS-CoV-2. Kits for TB and other assays coming soon.

  • Self-collection of saliva sample, no painful swabs.

  • High sensitivity and quick turnaround (50-minute test).

  • Affordable and easy-to-use: Simple test-taking, ready-to-use consumables, no molecular training needed, no complex instruments, zero room for error in interpretation by technician.

  • Portable devices: Simple plug-and-play devices for point-of-care centers.

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A point-of-care diagnosis solution

Enabling timely detection at hospitals and healthcare settings


Higher sensitivity tests for high-risk

point-of-care settings


Low cost footprint for both initial set up

and also per test


Simple test taking 50 minutes. Sample collection to result in <90 minutes


Immediate Results


Simplifying and de-centralizing testing.

Enabling every hospital and healthcare center to run high-sensitive affordable tests


Ultra-portable device, can run on a mobile power bank

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